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Download a free copy of the WiseGirls Money Magazine today. Leading experts share wisdom and practical strategies about money, financial literacy, saving, spending, and financial freedom. In this issue you’ll discover:
  • The truth about wills and weddings – Failing to plan is to plan to fail, as the adage goes. That’s true for weddings and it’s, unfortunately, true for marriage as well. When a major life change happens, like a wedding, many of us put making or changing our will on the backburner. Discover easy ways to make this easy.
  • 5 tips to organize your wallet or purse – A clean and clear wallet is a starting block that represents the little steps you can take each day towards financial freedom. Check out these 5 steps to clear the clutter and open our ‘energetic wallet’ for more of the good stuff.
  • The top secrets from an organized housewife – Social Influencer, Author, Celebrity Ambassador, Winner 2019 Gold Coast Women of the Year People Choice Award & Finalist Gold Coast Women Entrepreneur Of The Year, Kat Springer, is one busy lady. Discover how she juggles being a mum and her career.
  • Tips for millennials to shoot for the financial stars – Why 78% of Millenials feel the pressure between planning for present and future financial responsibilities and steps to set you free.
  • Hear from Bianca Hartge-Hazelman, founder of Financy Women’s Index on changing the future – Believe in yourself and your brain when it comes to your career and making money. What we can do to protect our future.
  • The answer to consolidating debt – Consolidation may be a useful strategy in some situations, but you need to understand the principles involved in any borrowing before understanding your next best move. 
  • Get Mortgage Free – Hear from Smart Money educator, Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon on managing your money and freedom from mortgage debt. You might be surprised to hear she beleives money is for spending… just not all at once.
  • The joy of kindness during a pandemic – what goes around, comes around. The best and the worst of us comes out in tough times. Will you spread the kindness bug?
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About the Editor-in-Chief

Philippa Hunt combines financial literacy with psychology, astrology, and personality profiling to help you understand your relationship with money, why you do or don’t have enough, what’s stopping you, and how to change that relationship to get more of what you want.

The unique approach Philippa brings to saving, spending and investing, is her understanding of the psychology of money and our money personality. She is the Editor-in-Chief of WiseGirls Money Magazine and the upcoming author of WiseGirls Money Magic. Philippa has 20 years of experience in the world of Financial Advice. She has a background as a Psychologist, plus a passionate interest in our astrological birth chart and its impact on the nature/nurture aspect of our money personality. Combine this with her Financial Advice background and it makes Philippa the secret weapon and money magician you want in your pocket or handbag.


The aim of this magazine is to educate and inspire you along your journey to financial freedom. In this issue, we tackle the money issues that matter most to you. Read about how to get organised with your money and on track to building wealth with Bianca Hartge-Hazelman. Be inspired by entrepreneur Kat Springer, The Organised Housewife and get mortgage free with Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon.

We’ve also included tips for organising your wallet, your debts and your will. Our goal is to support you to become independent and savvy with your finances and grow your wealth, so thanks for taking the time to read it!